an imageWe specialize in Spit Roast Buffets

Caters food using fresh and perfectly pick meats such as chicken, pork, beef, turkey and lamb. Try our vegetable menus that will surely be loved by non-vegetarian individual without knowing that it’s a vegetable that they’ve eaten.  Cooked by our professional Chef’s that will bring joy to your palate.

We are open to any event that you are planning. Contact us and we will work together for a successful event that you ever wanted.

an imageCocktail Party Catering

Choose from our 60 delicious foods and create a unique menu of your own, which will surely meet your budget. While choosing food you will be able to know the amount right away and it’s a hassle free. You don’t have to take a longer time to waste.

And if you are a busy person and don’t have enough time from choosing our items let our chef do your work, reassure that this kind of option is at affordable price.

an imageGet in early for Christmas this year

Having a big crowd isn’t a big problem once you contact us and we will help you meet your budget for your upcoming event. Spit Roasts Sydney caters you finger food and cocktail food in a flexible rate. We also have our buffet style that suits your corporate or any business event that you will have.

If you wanted some help from our Chef’s, waiters and waitress so with our bar staff, we have an optional services that is affordable. Get their service for your event to have a smooth and so that you will feel relax and you will just enjoy the day.

an imageOffice party catering

Anywhere you are in Australia, whether you are at work, we will be there for you to cater you food that are tempting and mouth watery.  Have a taste with our Hot and Cold Food and Platters for any event such as office meeting, private meeting, convention, corporate event and even just having a good time with your family on a holiday.

All you have to do is contact us, pick foods and we are ready to deliver.

an imageSpecial Wedding Caterers

Wedding event is an unforgettable event that will happen to your life and if you are looking for a finger food and cocktail food service, we from Spit Roasts Sydney are here to help you. Work with us on that day and we will cater you succulent food. Have a customized menu, by picking food of your choice at a reasonable price and that will be surely be loved by you, your partner and your guests.

Whether it’s a cocktail party, an elegant buffet or a sit down meal, contact us and we are here for you on your wedding day.

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